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Stunning Writing Studios

As I’ve mentioned before, I love libraries. But I also find the concept of the writing studio quite appealing. A rather small but functional space dedicated to writing, with a minimalist design and big windows… Here a a few examples of these beautiful spaces, so you (and I!) can dream…

Stunning Writing Studios – Flavorwire.


Detail of a painting by Nina Sten-Knudsen (2001), at the CBS library – seen when I visited it in January 2014.


Bibliotek - Nina Sten-Knudsen 2001

More graffiti


A superb mural which I photographed in Soweto, South Africa in June 2013.

The creative process

I found this image some time ago, and unfortunately, I don’t remember where I came across it… and I don’t know to whom I should be giving credit. If you do know its author, please let us know in the comments section – he or she should be congratulated for having captured so perfectly how some days of writing really look like…

Montreal graffiti


Montreal streets and buildings are frequently the medium for outstanding street art.  In my spare time, I photograph those I find most beautiful or inspiring.  As a respite from writing, I thought I might post a few here for you to enjoy.

Umschreibung (“rewriting”), by Olafur Eliasson

Sculpture in Munich, Germany. A beautiful photo taken by Philipp Klinger (found on Flickr)