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Using Scrivener in research, part 1

I’ve known about Scrivener for more than four years. In fact, this application is one of the reasons why I switched to Mac and bought a MacBook in the fall of 2008. Scrivener is an application that was developed to help writers with their projects. Initially created for fiction writers (and Mac users!), it has also since then been adopted by non-fiction writers, journalists and researchers alike… and is now available for Windows too. My first experiences with Scrivener were in developing ideas for short stories. But the more I played with the software, the more I became convinced that it would make a great research tool. I’ve tried to use it in research projects before, but I never used it from the beginning of a project… until recently. Some weeks ago, I started a new research project and I decided that this would be the occasion I was waiting for. I also decided that I would share my experience with you over the next months. Read more