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#acwri: tweeting academic writing

I’ve recently discovered something in Twitter: people use the social media not only to share links to interesting stuff, to discuss with other people or to comment on anything and everything: they also use it to talk about academic writing. A growing number of people are adding the hashtag #acwri to  their tweets when they are talking about academic writing.


Based on my at home and non scientific inquiry into the use of this hashtag, I’ve discovered that mainly four kind of tweets use it: Read more

Beautiful libraries and bookstores

I love libraries. I used to spend a lot of time working at libraries – I even had a job at my public library when I was an undergrad! Nowadays, I do most of my work from my office or from home, but I still try to go work in a library setting once in a while. My office is very close to the Grande Bibliothèque – the national library of Québec, and it’s an amazing place to read or work. Maybe someday I’ll devote a post to this library… but in the meantime, here are pictures of other very cool libraries and bookstores found around the world. Enjoy!