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Publishing Qualitative Research Video

In June 2012 a small group of us hosted a workshop on how to publish qualitative research in top journals. We invited a roster of editors from top journals in our field, and invited them to come to HEC and demystify the publishing process for the rest of us. The workshop was broken down into two parts – in the first part, both author and editor discuss their respective experiences in getting a paper through the review process at AMJ (The Academy of Management Journal). In the second part, our roster of editors comment on two burning questions about publishing qualitative research (well, they seemed “burning” to us, given that we thought them up!):

  • What is the literature review suppose to do in a qualitative paper?
  • When and why does an R&R not make it?

Some of the audience comments in the first part of the video come out a bit faint, but everything else is pretty clear.  We learned loads through this process.  We hope you do too.

Here is the link:

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