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A handful of links – September edition

» Initiated by professors from Durham University (UK), the Writing on writing series presents short texts written by seasoned researchers, where they reflect on their own experience of writing. As you can read on this page, “[i]n these pieces, scholars from a variety of social science disciplines share their thoughts, feelings, pearls of wisdom, anecdotes, theoretical musings and much else likely to give insight and inspiration to those in the later stages of doctoral writing.” Over twenty-five distinguished scholars have up to now posted a contribution, and they are worth a visit.

» Another very interesting link shared by Writing for Research: developing your research through storyboarding. The post is quite detailed, so if this idea appeal to you, you will find many details on how this approach could be used in the context of research.


» Many of you know Maria Popova, the woman behind Brain Pickings, a website that I recommend visiting for many reasons, including that she regularly shares material on the writing practices of famous authors. Her website is nicely documented, beautifully illustrated and always offers food for thought. But how does she write? In this interview, she talked about her own approach to writing.


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